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Ursprünglicher Preis €208,25 - Ursprünglicher Preis €272,51
Ursprünglicher Preis €224,91
€208,25 - €272,51
Aktueller Preis €224,91


Spannung : 110V-220V

Bereich der Spindelgeschwindigkeit (U/min): 100–2000 U/ min

Leistung (W) : 80 W/210 W

Modellnummer : OS

Klassifizierung : Thermostatische Laborgeräte

Zertifizierung : CE, ISO9001

Zertifizierung : CE

Fassungsvermögen : 10–20 l

Markenname : JOANLAB

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Edna Nikolaus

Everything is fine with the product, everything works, very satisfied) but there was an unpleasant situation with the delivery. At the Mail I was fined 833 UAH for the fact that the seller rated the product lower than it actually is.

Albin Emmerich

Packed well, arrived a little late. The paint on the back of the stand is slightly damaged, but otherwise all are normal. Everything is going simple.

Gloria Wiza

It's fine, it's 2 later, but it's not a problem, it's well packed, it works well

Keyon Smith

Laboratory agitator osc-10l, fast delivery from China (door-to-door courier) send off Quickly, without problems collected (which is important for a woman), turns at all speeds, everything works for sure! Looks stylish! Thank you very much seller for feedback and fast shipping despite the small logistics problems! I recommend to buy a stirrer and this seller! Moscow has a similar stirrer with a very large mark-up!!! I'm happy with everything!

Krystal Rath

Very good for now

Lonnie Bradtke

Superb machine that does its job, arrives very quickly at my home.

Cassidy Ernser

Buy Mixer: JOANLAB Official Store Laboratory Mixer

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